Bella B.

graphic designer

Bella B. is a graphic design expert with a rich cultural background. Born in Italy to an Italian mother and a Turkish father, Bella’s upbringing adds depth and diversity to her life. Her passion for graphic design, coupled with her innate talent, has propelled her to become a partner at Jaguar Creative Agency.

Bella’s professional journey began with her university education in graphic design in Italy. During this time, she mastered various graphic design software and honed her skills. Subsequently, she joined the team at Metashipping in 2021, where she has been an integral part ever since.

At Metashipping, Bella’s creative vision and technical prowess have played a crucial role in meeting the company’s graphic design needs. Leading the process of brand identity creation, she strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality in projects.

Bella’s accomplishments extend beyond her professional expertise; they also reflect the unifying power of cultural diversity. The fusion of her Italian and Turkish heritage brings a unique perspective to Bella’s designs, setting her apart in the industry.

Bella B. continues to lead as an expert in graphic design and a visionary in her field. With her unique perspective, both professionally and culturally, she will undoubtedly continue to make a significant impact in the industry.