Erol Engin


Erol Engin was born in 1976 in Erzincan, Turkey. He completed his education in Business Administration at Marmara University. This educational background laid a solid foundation for him in business management and strategic planning, shaping his future career path.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Erol embarked on his journey in entrepreneurship, gaining various experiences in the business world. These experiences enabled him to refine his skills in business management and strengthen his leadership qualities.

Residing in Wissen, Germany, Erol manages business operations with an international perspective. He serves as the Marketing Manager at Metashipping, where he undertakes significant responsibilities such as crafting strategic marketing plans, enhancing brand awareness, and overseeing marketing activities.

Erol Engin stands out in his leadership position at Metashipping with strong communication skills and analytical thinking abilities. His knowledge and experience in marketing play a crucial role in achieving the company’s goals. Additionally, he is recognized for his emphasis on teamwork and innovative approach.

Continuously striving for self-improvement and seeking to enhance his achievements, Erol is poised to expand his impact in the business world, both personally and professionally.