Foreign Trade We Carry To The Future

Meta Shipping is a technology company founded on facilitating export and import operations by combining the foreign trade sector with technology.

Empowering Global Commerce: Innovating Today, Shaping Tomorrow with Meta Shipping

What is Meta Shipping?

Meta Shipping is a tech company revolutionizing global trade by integrating technology with the foreign trade sector. Our aim is to understand operational needs, develop innovative solutions, and ensure lasting value. We prioritize futurism in project development, projecting experiences onto the metaverse.

Our mission is to propel foreign trade into the future, leading in the crypto world and on the metaverse with educational and developer projects that streamline trade processes. We serve every stage of global commerce.

We carry foreign trade to the future.

Our goal is to be the owner of leading projects in the crypto world and on the metaverse, by realizing educational and developer projects that ensure fast and accurate foreign trade, as well as projects that serve at every stage of the building blocks of world trade.

Meta Shipping Projects

Meta Shipping Tracking
Meta Shipping Learning
MShip Model Marketplace
$MSHIP Token
NFT Marketplace​
MSHIP Card & MSHIP Wallet
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Just Get to Know the Project in 4 Simple Steps

Our Goal

Meta Shipping is a technology company aimed at facilitating export and import operations by merging the foreign trade sector with technology. Our goal is to understand the needs of individuals involved in operational transactions in global trade, develop innovative solutions and opportunities for those needs, and ensure that our efforts translate into permanent values. We aim to develop future-oriented projects that form the backbone of our company and project these experiences onto the metaverse.

Project Details

Among the main projects offered by Meta Shipping are Meta Shipping Tracking, Meta Shipping Learning, and the MShip Model Marketplace. Additionally, we aim to own leading projects in the crypto world such as $MSHIP Token and NFT Marketplace.

Services and Products

The Meta Shipping Tracking service provides access to ship information, ship route details, live location tracking, and services such as port status information. Meta Shipping Learning aims to provide comprehensive information about foreign trade practices and develop operational application skills for company managers, employees, and those interested in future foreign trade.

Trends and Future

Meta Shipping reflects the ongoing battle between traditional and new-generation ways of doing business. We strive to keep up with the rapidly changing business world by providing fast and accurate foreign trade services to gain a competitive advantage.

Meta Shipping Tracking Services

Meta Shipping Tracking system allows you to access ship information, ship route details, live location tracking and benefit from services such as port status information. It is a map tracking platform that aims to provide​
Improve planning and efficiency by tracking, monitoring and reviewing vessel activity.
Increase your situational awareness, and dig into market and competitor activity.
Build your systems and applications.

Meta Ship Learning Platform / Foreign Trade Education System

Foreign trade is a very important issue for the development and development of companies and countries. Foreign Trade Expertise Training, especially for professionals who aim to work in the import and export departments of enterprises, positions in foreign trade and customs consultancy companies. It is an up-to-date training program suitable for those who plan to apply and entrepreneurs who want to move their businesses to the international arena.

With the Meta Shipping Learning training platform, it is aimed to provide comprehensive information about foreign trade practices, the risks they may encounter during the practices and the management of these risks, and to gain operational application skills to company managers, employees and people who want to do foreign trade in the future.

When we look at the latest trends in the world, the business world is fighting a war between traditional and new generation ways of doing business, trying to keep up with the fast-paced ways of doing business in order to stay in the game.

MShip Model Marketplace

We produce model products with a special logo and color options for your company on a scale of 1/50. With an e-commerce site where payment will be made with Mship Token, products will be sold to the whole world.

Elevate your brand representation with MShip Model Marketplace. Explore our range of customizable model products today and take your brand to new heights!

Container & Truck Models

20’DC & 20’Open Top,40’HC & 40’REEFER Container Truck & Standard Container, Truck & Reefer Container, Frigo Truck, Awning Truck, Isotank Truck Models

Airplane Models

Our Small & Large Airplane Models with Color Options

Ship Models

Our Small & Large Ship Models

Construction Machinery Models

Container Carrier, Excavator, Dozer model

MSHIP POS SYSTEM (Payment Terminal / POS Terminal)

MSHIPPAY System Architecture The core of MSHIPPay heavily relies on platform development. Four primary considerations in choosing our tools and platforms have been identified. They are Security, Scalability, Ease and Extensibility; these have been amalgamated into our core values: Security – Protect against cyber-attacks. Scalability – Accommodate high user traffic. Extensibility – Allow the addition of modules in the future Ease – Ensure least development effort.


Payment Terminal / POS Terminal

MSHIPPAY System Architecture is meticulously designed with a core focus on platform development, prioritizing Security, Scalability, Ease, and Extensibility to uphold our core values and ensure robust protection against cyber-attacks, seamless scalability to accommodate high user traffic, easy integration of future modules, and minimal development effort.

Discover MetaShipping's Crypto Technology: $MSHIP Token and NFT Marketplace

While revolutionizing international trade, MetaShipping is making waves in the crypto world! With the new $MSHIP Token and NFT Marketplace, get ready for an experience like never before. With innovative crypto technology and MetaShipping’s unique approach, propel your trading into the future. Come join this exciting world and embark on the journey to the Metaverse experience!